Keep These Lesser Known Wedding Music Tips in Mind

By now, you probably have a First Dance song in mind, and you know whether or not you will follow the bouquet toss and garter toss tradition (as well as what songs to play on the background of these moments if you choose to include them). Yet, there may be some lesser known wedding music… Read more »

These Wedding Music Trends Are Very Important This Year

Your wedding music matters. It can really make or break the atmosphere during the Big Day, and it can really help you and your guests have the time of your lives. Of course, you can play whatever you find more suitable at your wedding – but there are some trends you might actually want to… Read more »

Your Ceremony Postlude Music Deserves Your Attention

Have you considered the postlude music you will play once the wedding reception is over and guests leave the site? You should definitely spend a bit of time creating this playlist too, because it’s a very important moment and the right music will help guests move on from the romantic atmosphere of the ceremony to… Read more »

Make Sure to Hire the Best DJ! Here’s How:

Every single person you hire to help you with the Big Day is important. From the cake designer to the wedding planner and from the person who will alter your dress to the person who will do your makeup, all of your wedding vendors should be carefully chosen to suit your style, personality and, ultimately,… Read more »

Your Married Guests Will Love Dancing on One of These Songs

Weddings are huge, amazing celebrations of love. Sure, your love story will be the one taking the center stage during your own Big Day – but that doesn’t mean you cannot make your other married guests feel special too. For instance, playing a special song for those of them celebrating an anniversary soon will make… Read more »

Choose the Best Songs for Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Your wedding cocktail hour is just as special as the rest of the wedding. Right after the big “I Do’s” and right before the reception party, this is an excellent time to build up the “party mood” without overdoing it. And that is precisely why you need to choose some really great songs for the… Read more »

Don’t Forget! Your Interlude Songs Are Important Too!

Every single song you play during the important moments of your wedding matters. Not only will it enhance these moments and make them really beautiful, but you will also end up associating those songs with the very sweet and unforgettable minutes of your wedding’s highlights. What are the songs you could include in your playlist… Read more »

You’ll Love These Songs on Your Wedding Morning

Listening to music can be really relaxing – so you should definitely make a playlist of your favorite songs to listen on the morning of your wedding, when getting ready together with your super-ladies. What are some of the most beautiful songs you could include in this playlist? We have some tips for you –… Read more »

Amazing 2017 Songs That Will Be Hugely Popular at Weddings in 2018

Thankfully, we’ve had a full year from a musical point of view – especially in terms of love songs. Therefore, if you are searching for a fresh, modern tune to add to your First Dance, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Following, we have gathered some of the most highly appreciated ones… Read more »

Your Guests Will Have So Much Fun With These Ideas!

You can never have too much fun at a wedding – and that is precisely why you should think of making your wedding feel as entertaining as possible. What are some of the very best ideas you could incorporate into your Big Day? We have gathered some suggestions right below – so read on if… Read more »