Choose gorgeous music for your big day

Music accompanies the most amazing moments of our lives – and your wedding makes no exception whatsoever. Naturally, you want your wedding ceremony music to be in perfect coordination with your emotions and the romantic vibes of your Big Day – but what are some of the most popular tunes when it comes to this?… Read more »

Your wedding should have music for all ages

Everyone will be there to witness your love story and commitment. From your grandma to your 14-year old niece, they will all want to have fun at your wedding and truly celebrate the amazing moment in your life. Yet, how do you even make sure everyone at the wedding is happy with the music you… Read more »

An Open House You Can’t Miss!

Stop by a Local yet Beautiful and Stunning Venue this Sunday January 15th!! With Inspiration that will knock you off your feet, samples to taste, and vendors to meet you are sure to leave with more than you came with! These vendors together will provide tons of information, loads of fun, and so much more!… Read more »

Be creative with your wedding send-off

Your wedding send-off is a magnificently special moment. As you make your big exit as husband and wife, you want the entire atmosphere surrounding you to be really special – just like your love story is, after all. How to add a creative touch to your wedding send-off and replace the good, old-fashioned rice toss?… Read more »

Choose an out of the ordinary song for your walk down the aisle

Walking down the aisle is a really magical moment for every bride. The awe-inspiring beauty of the moment, the emotions, the love story unfolding in front of your guests’ eyes, the nervousness – they will all make your wedding processional feel incredibly unique and unforgettable. Naturally, you want this special occasion to be accompanied by… Read more »

It’s Extravaganza Time!

Are you trying to plan your Big Wedding Day and still scrounging for ideas and inspirations? Do you need help finding those vendors that are perfect for you? Or maybe you haven’t even started planning your Big Day yet. Well look no further! Come check out the Bridal Extravaganza at the George R. Brown Convention… Read more »

The volume of your wedding music should be considered

Your wedding music is such a hugely important part of the Big Day! Not only will your favorite songs accompany you throughout this day’s biggest moments, but it will also help everyone else get in the mood, seize the fantastic beauty of the event, and celebrate together with you as well. Of course, your wedding… Read more »

Your wedding can be fun with unique entertainment

There’s no other event in your life happier, more hopeful and more unforgettable than your wedding. By all standards, this day is truly special in your life – and you will surely want your guests to create wonderful memories of it. How to it? We have some unique entertainment ideas for you – so read… Read more »

Top tips to hiring the vendors for your event

If you are planning an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding or even a corporate event, you will want to make sure you hire the very best vendors for this. From the music to the flowers, everything about your event is tightly connected to the quality of the specialists you choose to hire. But what is… Read more »

Every wedding photo booth should have great poses

Your wedding should be unforgettable from all points of view – and while hiring a great DJ is essential for your guests’ entertainment, it might also be a good idea for you to rent a photo booth as well. These fun “tools” have grown extremely popular over the past couple of years and many brides… Read more »