Engagement party music inspiration

Your engagement party should be fun – and it should definitely set the tone for the big wedding reception that is to come. Of course, nice décor and great food are important (same as they are with your actual wedding) – but if you really want people to enjoy themselves, you will have to be… Read more »

Can you choose modern wedding ceremony music?

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Create your first dance to be memorable

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Inspire your wedding music with The Beatles

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Unique wedding exit songs

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Your wedding decor can be full of music-loving motifs

Your wedding decor is supposed to mirror who you are as a couple, what you love, and what defines your love story itself. So, if you and your SO are big fans of music, it will come as a natural choice for you to create a wedding theme inspired by your biggest passion. How to… Read more »

Don’t forget line dances for your event!

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Top wedding songs that you can skip

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Know how to plan your wedding music

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Tips for choosing your first dance song

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