Want a Special Moment for Your Wedding Party? These Songs Are Perfect!

One of the things we love most about what we do is the way the positive energy is contagious when it comes to larger groups of people having fun on the dance floor. That is precisely why we always recommend to our brides and grooms that they create a special moment just for their wedding… Read more »

Top Songs from the 50s for a Retro Wedding

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Wedding Guests LOVE These Songs!

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Get a Bit of 80s into Your Wedding Music

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Coordinate Your Music Taste with Your Wedding Playlist

Beyond all wedding trends and fads, there’s always one thing we advise our brides and grooms: to be themselves and let this shine throughout the entire event. The best weddings we’ve seen are a mirroring reflection of the couple’s personality and beauty – and that is precisely what you should aim for in your wedding… Read more »

Use These Tips to Get Guests Off Their Seats and to the Dance Floor

OK, you want a lot of things on your wedding day – and seeing your wedding guests kicking it on the dance floor is definitely one of the most important ones. After all, this is the ultimate wedding entertainment – it’s been here since the beginning of weddings and it will stick with us for… Read more »

We Just Love These Songs – They’re Perfect for a Wedding Anniversary!

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People LOVE These Songs at Weddings in Texas

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Here’s What You NEED to Know When Planning a Corporate Event

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These Aisle Songs Will Steal Your Heart!

We bet there are processional songs you have listened to over and over again – and if they weren’t played during the actual processional, they definitely landed somewhere in the playlist. Settling for the highly popular songs is great if you actually like them – but if you’re looking for something different, you should still… Read more »