Plan your wedding music to perfection

There’s nothing like good music to soothe the soul and accompany you through life’s most candid, emotional and unforgettable moments. Naturally, your wedding is precisely one of these events – so you will definitely want to plan your wedding music to perfection. How to do it? We have some tips for you – so read… Read more »

Your guests should be thoroughly entertained

Regardless of the type of event you are planning, you will want your guests to be more than entertained. You want the people you invite at your event to have a truly great time and create unforgettable memories of your party – and while the décor, the ambiance and the overall “vibes” matter a lot,… Read more »

The entrance of your wedding should be memorable

Everything about your wedding should be absolutely amazing – from the way you feel in your dress to the way you cut that first slice of cake, every tiny detail should be truly magical. This is, indeed, one of the very best days of your entire life! Of course, your wedding entrance should be more… Read more »

Your bouquet toss should have a great song

The bouquet toss is the kind of old tradition that’s more than appreciated today as well. And why wouldn’t you love this special moment? It’s fun, it brings people together and it fills the air with positive vibes – especially if you have enough guests to make this moment feel really energizing for everyone. How… Read more »

Choose the most appropriate music for your wedding meal

Your wedding meal is an important part of the entire big day – and you surely want everyone invited to feel really great tasting the delicious foods you have provided them with. How do you choose the best music for your wedding dinner, though? How do you make sure it is perfectly appropriate for this… Read more »

Do not believe everything you hear about DJs

Here at DJ Dave Productions, we have always believed in the amazing satisfactions of our jobs. We love being wedding DJs and we love being part of people’s love stories – but sometimes, we encounter a lot of misconceptions people still believe about our work. What are some of the myths you should not believe… Read more »

Music for all ages is important for your wedding

Regardless of what type of wedding you may be planning – be it a very large luxurious one or a smaller, more intimate event – you will definitely want all of your guests to feel great while celebrating with you. Surely, you know how important it is to have good music at your party too… Read more »

Top songs for your wedding ceremony music

Your wedding! Well, this is surely an event you have dreamed of for a long time now – and it is surely something you will want to plan down to the smallest details, so that you make absolutely certain everything is perfect about it. Have you chosen your wedding ceremony music yet? If not, here… Read more »

Engaging guests is important at your event

Planning a big event can take a lot of attention to detail – especially if you want your guests to have a really great time and build memories that will last for the years to come. For example, regardless of whether you are planning a special anniversary, a birthday, a wedding or even a corporate… Read more »

Follow these music traditions for your wedding reception

Music can change the world – and here at DJ Dave Productions, we truly know just how much music can bring into a special event. We also know that your wedding is one of the most important events of your entire life – and that the music you play on this Big Day is absolutely… Read more »