Unique Wedding Music Ideas

Can you imagine your wedding without music? We bet you can’t – and that is because it is such a huge part of the Big Day that it cannot be overlooked in any way. Sure, you will want to plan a playlist everyone invited will genuinely appreciate – but what if you want to take… Read more »

Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding Music

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Wedding Dance Songs that Are Truly Original

Your wedding dance – now, that’s pure magic happening on the rhythm of music and love! If you are like every other couple getting married, you want this moment to be truly unforgettable – and, as we’ve said it a thousand times before, the song you choose for the background of this moment is more… Read more »

These Are The Top First Dance Song Mistakes

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Top Country Music Ideas for a Wedding

Country music has its way of making people feel sensitive and emotional – so it is perfectly understandable why so many people like this genre. If you are among them, you will surely want to include at least a few country songs into your Big Day too – but how do you do that? We… Read more »

Wedding Music Mistakes You Mustn’t Make

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First Dance Ideas Inspired by Famous Movies

We all love romantic moments in movies – but what if you could re-create one of your own, one where you and your loved one are the main characters and your love story is the only plotline there is? Well, you might not have the budget to shoot an entire movie – but what if… Read more »

How Long Will Each Wedding Music Section Take?

Your wedding will be comprised out of multiple smaller micro-events – each coordinated with a song that’s meaningful and relevant for your relationship, for your background, and for who you are in general. Of course, you already know that you should pick a sweet song for the processional, a high-energy one for the recessional, and… Read more »

How to Create a Music-Themed Wedding

If you and your fiancé are truly in love with music, you will surely want to incorporate this into one of the biggest events of your life: your wedding. What is there to do about this, aside from hiring a truly remarkable DJ? Well, you could create an entire wedding theme based on your passion… Read more »

How to dance at your big day

Your big day is approaching and you are surely nervous about the million-and-one details that have to be handled before saying “I Do”. Of course, your wedding dance does not fall last on your list of priorities – but how do you actually dance at your big day? We have some tips to help you… Read more »