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3 Songs Just Perfect for a Civil Wedding

Civil weddings have their benefits – and if you have your heart set on one, you know there are plenty of reasons to go with your option. Of course, just because you are having a civil wedding, it doesn’t mean you cannot make this a truly unique moment for you and your loved one, as… Read more »

These Songs Are Such a Beautiful Choice for a Wedding Ceremony!

Instrumental songs can speak without words. They can re-lay emotions that are hard to describe. They can encompass the beauty of the world in just a few notes. These are just a few of the reasons that make instrumental tunes perfect for a wedding ceremony – an event that’s deeply meaningful and symbolical in itself,… Read more »

Is Wedding Music DIY Actually Good for You?

Your Texas wedding music is one of the quintessential elements for the Big Day. And while there may be a lot of wedding elements you can save a lot of money on without compromising the entire event, your wedding music shouldn’t fall among these. Why is a wedding DJ actually good for you? What is… Read more »

Looking for the Best Wedding Ideas? Read Them Here!

Your wedding should be really fun. Sure, there will be tears, and the entire place will be overflowing with emotions – but beyond that, this is a happy event and you have invited guests to actually celebrate a very big moment in your life. How do you make sure they have the fun they deserve?… Read more »

Top Songs for Your Wedding Reception Dance

As the couple about to get married, you want every single one of your guests to have a really, really good time celebrating your love story. What is the best music to include in your wedding reception playlist if you want to make sure people will actually dance and have fun while there? We have… Read more »

These Ceremony Songs Are Lovely!

Your wedding ceremony is bound to be a rollercoaster of emotions. In between excitement and nervousness, in between tears of joy and big hopes for the future, you will walk the line and feel more unique, more overwhelmed, and more sentimental than ever. Naturally, you want a great song to accompany this truly magical moment…. Read more »

Prince’s Music Is a Good Choice for the Big Day

It’s been more than a year since one of the biggest pop stars passed away. Prince was more than just a musician though – he was a trendsetter in terms of fashion and sound alike. Thus, it is more than understandable why people still love his songs, even if it’s been decades since some of… Read more »

Should You Choose Traditional or Unconventional Ceremony Music?

Your wedding music mirrors your love story, your personality, and even your hopes for the future. In many ways, the song you play on the wedding processional is your “musical wedding vow” – so it is perfectly understandable why you want to make sure you take the right decision. Should you choose a traditional song,… Read more »

THIS Is How You Make People Want to Have Fun on the Dance Floor

Weddings are supposed to be fun – and, if you are like every other bride and groom out there, you will definitely want this for your Big Day and for the wonderful guests you have invited there. How do you actually encourage people to spend time on the dance floor and create an atmosphere that’s… Read more »

These Are the Ideal Songs for a Jazzy Wedding

Let’s admit it: of all the vintage wedding themes out there, Great Gatsby-inspired events will always hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. There’s just so much style, so much opulence, and so much class associated with the Roaring Twenties that it has become nearly impossible to resist the idea of a wedding themed around… Read more »