Be sure the kids are entertained at your event too!

Inviting children at an “adult event” is, in the end, a matter of choice – but if you do choose to invite the little ones as well, you will definitely want to make sure they are safe and fully entertained. How to do that, more exactly? What are some of the best ways to entertain… Read more »

Choose a song to play for these wedding reception festivities

Your wedding reception is going to be such an unforgettable event in your life! Obviously, you want things to go smooth and you want everything to be truly personalized – and your music makes no exception whatsoever. What are the reception festivities you should definitely accompany by well-thought of songs? We have some tips for… Read more »

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!

The Bridal Extravaganza is back and we couldn’t be more thrilled!! A two day event filled of everything a Bride could imagine. With two days to choose from you have to attend at least one! Come join us at 1the George R. Brown Convention Center on July 23rd and 24th. Find out how to get… Read more »

Your wedding cocktail hour should have some excellent songs incorporated

Your wedding cocktail hour is just as important as the ceremony and reception. As the liaison between the emotional moments of the ceremony and the high-energy, entertaining hours of the reception, the cocktail hour should be planned with a high level of attention to detail – and this includes the music as well. What is… Read more »

Choose a creative theme for your photo booth entertainment

Photo booths are a fun, popular way of entertaining guests at a wide range of events – from the most casual weddings to the most formal parties. And yet, if you want to make sure your photo booth entertainment is a true success, you will also have to choose a creative theme for it. To… Read more »

Be sure you know about your DJ before hiring them!

Hiring the right DJ is more than important for the success of your Big Day. After all, music will create the perfect “vibes” at your wedding – so it is truly crucial that you hire someone to mix the right music for you. What are the things you should know before hiring a DJ? How… Read more »