DJ Dave Productions is a Mobile DJ Entertainment & Lighting Production Company. We are wedding specialists that are recognized as one of the top Houston Wedding DJ Companies. We are unique in that we provide a very personalized, professional, hands-on service that is customized specific to each individual client to make their special day be fun, exciting, memorable, and reflect their individual personality and style.

When you hire DJ Dave Productions you get one of our professional experienced DJ/Master of Ceremonies which will provide your custom entertainment, and lighting services. Our clients just love our On-Line Planning Account System where our couples can plan their entire wedding day from start to finish with our simple, easy, and intuitive planning system. This allows each client to organize a specific plan that will reflect each client’s individual personality and taste. We will help to coordinate every little detail of every wedding and reception. We provide a very personalized, professional, hands-on service that is unique and customized specific to each individual client to make their special day be fun, exciting, and memorable.

We offer a very personalized Houston mobile DJ Service to meet your
needs. Although the music is a very important aspect of the event with regard to a wedding, we believe that the bride and groom are the focus of the evening, not us. We meet with our clients to discuss all relevant details for their particular event. We will make your wedding run smooth and coordinate all aspects of the evening with party center staff leaving you to enjoy your special day.

We Create Unforgettable Memories! “Your Day-Your Way!” “Turn Up Your Entertainment!” We DJ Houston Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, Wedding Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Private Parties, and Birthday Parties in the greater Houston area.

DJs in Houston Texas
DJ Dave

David Petry is a positive minded, fun loving person that has an incredible passion for success. Prior to starting DJ Dave Productions, Mr. Petry specialized in Sales and marketing working in executive level positions managing Nationwide Sales organizations. He always knew that he wanted to do something in the music/entertainment industry and his experience lead Mr. Petry to be a natural successful leader. As fate would have it, he ended up creating an incredible entertainment company. From the early years, David has been playing music, first the guitar and then switched to bass guitar. David has played in several bands and recorded several different albums in the studio with “The Rafters”. David has an insatiable love and passion for music. This love and passion for music led David down a natural path to become a professional DJ over 10 years ago. He is living his life dream and absolutely loves what he does. This is the most rewarding occupation he could ever imagine, and also finds it very satisfying to make people happy, and create memories that they will never forget. His wife, Janet, is his partner and together they make an incredible dynamic team for their clients.

Houston Mobile DJ
DJ Jacob

From the sun-drenched beaches of the the Caribbean to the the tops of the the mountains in Tennessee, to the the dance halls of Texas, Jacob Kelly has brought his surefire knack for spinning records all across this great country and dancing pleasure to the the masses. Born in Louisiana and raised on Jambalaya his musical roots run deep like the the cypress knees in the the Bayou. His influences range from the Rock, Country, & Soulful legends of old to the freshest Top 40 & EDM cuts of today, and he delivers them in a seamless manner that will delight the ears of any crowd. He also makes sure he understands his client’s wants, wishes and desires for their event and help to turn them into reality by using a high energy, yet professional approach when he’s behind the decks, and always makes sure he has a few tricks up his sleeve to ensure all the the guests want to participate. Jacob takes his passion for throwing a great party, combines it with his deep understanding of great music that will get the the crowd moving, throws in a few dashes of Awesome Sauce, puts it in a blender on high speed with the lid off and what you get is an explosion of great times you are sure to not forget.

DJ For Hire in Houston Texas
DJ Charles

At the age of two, Charles began exhibiting symptoms of insecurity with the family pets. This resulted in Charles retreating in to his older sister’s room, and listening to records, on her record player. He instantly fell in love with music, and little did he know, but he would be spinning tunes many years later, for civilization as we know it. Charles’ older brother was a wonderful musician and songwriter, and taught Charles “Tom Dooley,” on guitar. Charles jumped in to music with both feet, and didn’t even sprain his ankle. Charles’ first professional gig, was at the age of ten, in Houston’s newly-renovated Market Square, at The Cellar Club. He was in a band at the age of 17, did many shows in Houston at Rockefellers, and then later relocated to Dallas to form a band with Jim Miller, younger brother of Steve Miller. In 1989, Charles formed Twist of Fate with Darby Orr, whom would be signed to Sony Music, with the help of Teresa LaBarbera-Whites, who discovered Jessica Simpson and Destiny’s Child. Charles met Dave Petry, as Dave was the bass player in The Rafters, and Charles’ nephew, Brad, was and is the drummer in that band. Dave asked Charles to join him in “turning up the entertainment,” with DJ Dave Productions. Since he has joined DJ Dave Productions, Charles has been very busy, and is currently on National Tour of Harris, Washington, and Fayette Counties. DJ Charles loves people, and loves helping them in making wonderful memories, by being the best DJ he can be!!

DJ in Houston TX For Wedding
DJ Mark

Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s was a very exciting time as so much new music was hitting the scene.  Mark was captivated by the wide array of creativity that was being released.   He was eventually drawn to the turntables and has been behind the decks ever since! Mark holds an undergraduate degree in Media Production from the University of Houston.  Since 2003, he has worked behind the scenes in Television Production in various capacities, while also working as a professional DJ and MC.  Mark’s natural DJ talent began to flourish while working with other DJ’s in Southern California, the birthplace of the Mobile DJ business.  He gleaned from some of the best in the industry. DJ’ing weddings are one of Mark’s favorite events because he believes that marriage is a gift to be cherished. He feels it is an honor to be included in someone’s private celebration.  Mark has had the distinct pleasure to work with DJ Dave Productions since 2014.  The DJ Dave team upholds the values and professionalism Mark works hard to exemplify in his own life.   They always take the time to make each wedding a custom experience, fulfilling each bride and groom’s unique vision. Mark provides polished DJ skills that are years in the making. He is known for his friendly, upbeat, & classy presence on the microphone. Mark knows how to keep the flow of an event moving at the right pace and the dance floor filled all night!

DJ Nick

A talented, skillful, and energetic young man who found a way to share his passion of Music with others. As a child, he started his schooling in the musical arts. First on the piano and then aggressively working his way through guitar, bass, and drums. This led to my love and comfort of being behind a mic. Looking at the world of weddings eager to direct crowds, and work to ensure people have wedding memories that won’t be easily be forgotten. Nick provides a professional skill and ability to roll with the punches that every wedding has. His favorites are 80’s, 90’s, and top 40’s, but no challenge has ever held him back. Knowing his way through all types of music, you’ll be tapping your boots or swinging your hips right along with him. He has even found Multi-Cultural events to be a great success for him. Nick is itching to make your day crazier than you wildest dreams!